The most important decision in selling your property is choosing the right real estate broker. Yet it’s been said that “people spend more time picking a restaurant than they do a real estate broker.”  Most people have an assumption that “a broker is a broker,” however in reality, not all brokers are the same.

Unfortunately, the entry bar for real estate agents is not very high. Since it’s not always easy to know “good” agents from “bad” agents, the selection process often ends up being a hit or miss experience.  In addition, people often rely on what’s immediately available to them, such as choosing a relative, a friend, etc., rather than taking the time to find the most effective broker.

So how should you choose the “right” broker?

In any area, including Tryon, you will have many brokers to choose from. When it comes to what matters most—exceptional service and results—there are few and the numbers will generally speak for themselves. One of the best ways to select, is to compare a potential broker’s listings and sales results to other brokers, and also to ask for client references and testimonials. Do they have experience selling property like yours? Are their listings professional quality? Do they have sales results? Just because someone sold a house last month doesn’t mean they will sell yours. It’s important to look for consistent results over time.  

At Tryon Horse & Home our qualifications are unmatched in the marketplace and our team offers years of experience buying and selling specialty and luxury real estate. We are comprised of equestrians, distinctive properties owners, and seasoned business professionals with proven client service and marketing success in a variety of industries. We understand how to price a property; how to market it; and how to negotiate effectively. Our exceptional service will be with you every step of the way, from start to closing, and beyond.

We are committed to excellence and professionalism in all areas of real estate transactions, including:

Our unique experiences and resources also allow us to keep pace in this internet-intensive world and we go through great lengths to reach buyers from a national and international audience.  

We specialize in the sale of land, horse farms, professional equestrian properties and distinctive homes.  If you have a property you are considering selling, please don’t hesitate to call or email us today.  We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your needs and discuss how we can tailor our efforts to achieve your goals. 

At Tryon Horse & Home we don’t just list properties. We sell them.